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JetBlue Offering Joy Of Check-In With No Flight

Do you crave the experience of checking in at your airport — running the security gauntlet, having your luggage evaluated, waiting in long lines? But that whole “traveling” thing is sort of a downer?

Well, you’re in luck: JetBlue is offering “Flights To Nowhere” to test out their new terminal at JFK airport.

The airline is seeking 1,000 of its frequent fliers to test the new system. They would check their luggage, go through security, and then wait at the gate for an imaginary flight.

The rewards: food, freebies, and other perks to-be-determined.

The “Flight To Nowhere” is scheduled for September.

David Lynch Brand Coffee

…because I’m not weird enough first thing in the morning hopped up on caffeine and lack of sleep.

Comes in creamy cocoa and hazelnut flavors.

Orders yours today.


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Mystery Creature Washes Up On Long Island

Hot on the heels of the alleged Bigfoot corpse in the freezer is this picture of a mystery creature that supposedly washed up on a Long Island, NY beach. As you can see, it looks like a pig with a parrot’s face and is freakin’ nasty looking. And yet, I also feel pity for it. Not every one of God’s creatures can look like a koala bear.

What the hell is it? The result of some mysterious genetic experiment gone awry? A promo for some new Fox sci-fi series that will only last six months? You decide.

(Gawker via The Beat)

Also a sign of armageddon: child catches nasty-ass demonic fish.

Bigfoot Body Found In Georgia?

I’m taking this news with a rather sizable grain of salt, but a Rick Dyer claims to have “accidentally” found the body of a dead Bigfoot deep in the Georgia woods. Now Dyer, from the website Bigfoottracker.com, has acquired legal counsel to copyright his photographs and plans to reveal his discovery to the world on September 1st.

Here are the Bigfoot corpse’s vital statistics: 8’8″ tall, 600 lbs, and gender undisclosed. It is currently residing in a rather large freezer. As for its looks, according to one person Dyer said in a radio interview that “if you shaved his face and put a hat on “him”…he would appear to be a very large human.”

This story has also brought to my attention the rather passionate rivalries and disagreements within the cryptozoologist community, with Dyer accusing some researchers of conducting a smear campaign against him and his find.

What if the hairy body in the icebox really is the legendary Bigfoot? Will the annals of science be rewritten? Will the FBI get involved? With Bigfoots being humanoid, did Dyer have a responsibility to notify the coroner first upon discovery of the body? And what if it’s really just a taller than normal human with a glandular condition?

Getting a big kick out of this post:

Decidedly skeptical:

(Phantoms and Monsters)

Tower Of Creepy Babies

This asymmetrical television tower in the Czech Republic is a surreal enough presence on the landscape as it is..

But the inclusion of creepy metal babies that look like Arseface from Preacher just put it over-the-top for utter creepiness:

Another WTF?! moment in architecture — much like the much-discussed Denver Airport.

(more pics at Deputy Dog)

Woman Sues For Monkey Discrimination

To be fair, this is no ordinary monkey we are talking about — but a service monkey. Sort of.

A Springfield, Missouri woman is suing — wait for it — Wal-Mart for discriminating against her 10-year-old bonnet macaque named Richard, who she says was not allowed to accompany her to the mega-store.

The woman, Debby Rose, insists that she be admitted to the store with Richard because the pet helps her with her social anxiety disorder. In essence, Rose contends, Richard is a service animal — much like a seeing eye dog.

But the Springfield-Greene County Health Department sees things a little differently. Which of course means they’re getting their asses sued as well.

Keeping a close eye on this story:


Poop Bathroom Door Handle

Ever worry that guests won’t know what room the bathroom is in your palatial abode? French designer Florence Doleac has solved that problem by creating a bronze-colored bathroom door handle that will be unmistakable.

Presenting: the Poop Handle!

No, that’s not its official name. Actually, it’s called an “étron” (feces specimen) door handle. Classy. Your guests will never mistakingly open the broom closet again.

(Inventor Spot)

“Monster Parents” In Japan Terrorize Schools

There were 26 Snow Whites in the school play — and no dwarves or wicked witches. That’s because the parents at the school insisted that only their precious darlings were good enough to play Snow White.

The moms and dads achieved this feat — which resulted in 26 Snow Whites — by harassing and pressuring the school until it relented. This is part of a new social phenomenon in Japan called “Monster Parents.”

This new crop of monster parents terrorize schools by committing such acts as ganging up to get certain “problem” teachers fired, planting sound recording devices in the classrooms to get “evidence,” and insisting that the structure of the school’s sports events be changed to make things more “equal.”

In extreme cases, the parents resort to “teacher hunting” — actually approaching the teacher in question as an angry mob and harassing until him or her offers to resign on the spot

These aggressive parents are a far cry from what was considered their place in an earlier time in Japan, a time where “decorum” ruled and schools respected. The reason for the change? It’s been theorized that social breakdowns as the result of the economic downturns of the 1990s might be a factor.

Now Japanese teachers and school officials live in fear of the Monster Parents.

(Times Online)

Top Ten Weird Hulk Toys

The Incredible Hulk is a favorite character of mine, and with his steroidal physique and green skin he’s perfectly made for toys and action figures. Here are ten of the weirdest Hulk toys and licensed products.

10. Hulk Toy Chest

I love how this is essentially a round plastic container with a Hulk head sticking out of it. It’s a little too scary for the playroom, in my opinion.

9. The Hulk Rage Cage

A great name for a toy, great example for a hyper 8-year-old with impulse control issues. Comes with expandable chest and breakable cage.

8. Hulk Jointed Wall Hanger

The basic idea is that you would hang this on your wall and pose the green behemoth’s jointed paper limbs. Yes, that’s about it. Ta-da!

7. Giant Hulk Stuffed Doll

This toy is on the “weird” list mainly because of his precious puss — more of a pout than a roar.

6. Weird Mexican Bootleg Hulk

This unlicensed Hulk has disco hair.

5. Weird Mexican Bootleg Parachuting Hulk

If the Hulk is truly irrational, how will he remember to pull the chute string?

4. Hulk Cupcake Favors

Nothing says “cake decoration” like an angry Hulk head sticking out of frosting.

3. Santa Hulk

Ironically, his heart was two sizes too small.

2. Hulk Vu Writer

What the Hulk does for entertainment between destruction.

1. Hulk Shower Head

Wrong. Completely wrong.

The Last Of The Portuguese Penis Ceramists

Husband and wife team Francisco and Casilda Figueiredo are keeping the home (and kiln) fires burning on the fading Portuguese art of crafting ornamental ceramic penises. Their handicrafts range from two-foot penis-shaped bottles to mugs and soccer figurines, and they sell the items as souvenirs and to local stores. Back in the day, however, they exported worldwide and sold upwards of 1,000 ceramic penises a month.

The craft of making ceramic penises in Portugal allegedly originated in the mid-1800s, when King Dom Luis suggested that the local artisans create something a bit more unusual and provocative to sell. But nowadays, with a far more liberal and jaded public, ceramic penis bottles and mugs are becoming far less shocking — and thus less popular.

Despite the reduced demand, the Figueiredos still toil in their little village workshop, offering ceramic penis bottles for 15 euros a piece.

(via Javno)