Christian Group: Starbucks Logo Too Smutty

Starbucks’ new retro logo is too hot to handle for one Christian group, the Star Tribune reports, as it “has a naked woman on it with her legs spread like a prostitute…”

Here’s the logo:

What do you think? Coffee porn?


11 responses to “Christian Group: Starbucks Logo Too Smutty

  1. Well, after looking at the picture I can kinda see their concern.

    – The Pilgrim

  2. Looks more like a mermaid from classic art to me. “Methinks they dost complain too much.”

  3. I guess i really don’t get what that picture has to do with coffee in the first place. They could’ve picked something a bit more…ummm…well I don’t know…coffee like???

  4. Just like an American Christian group, they’re okay with violent Chuck Norris movies, but Lord forbid their kids look at nippleless tits.

    Who’re the tits now?

  5. AGH!

    It’s a mermaid, concerned Christian parents! Mermaids don’t exist, so your innocent children will never have to resist the temptation of this naked and mythical creature.

    Also, if you’re suffering from lust by looking at your coffee cup, you’ve got a serious problem. Either get a good counselor, or google PORN. There’s way more out there that’s WAY worse.

  6. The Reformed Faith Weblog

    Actually, I kind of like the logo. It’s artsy.

    Here’s an interesting article I thought you might like to read about the origins of this specific logo… the original artwork was much naughtier.

    The only reason I see for avoiding Starbucks is that it’s coffee is so terribly overpriced.

  7. People that want to find smut, porn, or other “perversion” badly enough WILL. Someone needs to drop their little SNL Church Lady “Superiority” act and lighten up.

    I agree with “Reformed Faith Weblog” above, as far as the only real reason to avoid Starbucks.

  8. Take a look back at more classic artwork. Even in our own good Christian nation, we commonly had topless women on our money and other such things. And have you never seen Christian Renessaince work with topless women or angels and the child Jesus? This Starbucks logo is an attempt to capture that classic art feel; although I must say, they did it much more tastefully than the Christians of old.

  9. This Christian group must be slipping. Can they not see the occult influences in that picture? A mermaid? Selling coffee?

    If you play an Amy Grant record backward you can hear her saying mermaid…coffee…boobies…lactation.

    I personally think Starbucks is of the devil because they charge $4.50 for something called “A tall skinny smooth machiato” or some such babble like that. Sounds like an incantation to me!

  10. Not just any mermaid either. A two tailed mermaid! Twice the tails, double the evil!

  11. For one thing it’s a mermaid with two fins not a woman whose legs are open. Those two fins don’t look like legs to me. It actually makes me think of why they’d put two fins. I’d say it’s more thought provoking than it is porn.

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