Opus Cartoonist’s Real-Life Medical Drama

An unusual Opus strip ran on Sunday, May 18th — featuring its creator, Berke Breathed, writhing in pain on his kitchen floor.

Opus explains in the strip that Breathed has “spasmodic torticollis,” a condition akin to “being shot in the neck by Mrs. Clinton’s taser gun.” Unable to draw his regularly-scheduled strip because of the pain, Breathed instead drew himself struggling to draw.


4 responses to “Opus Cartoonist’s Real-Life Medical Drama

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  2. Hi Mr Breathed, I sent you an e mail c/o opus@washpost.com yesterday and don’t know if you’ve received it yet. In case you haven’t I’m an ST’r for over 30 some years, take botox and our association can give you HOPE & HELP. Call me at 262 560 9534 (CST). Would like to talk with you. Howard.

  3. Berkeley,
    I feel your pain! I also have ST and have been through the mill as far as treatment goes. I do have the sites of a couple of bulletin boards that have been a great of help to me and others. I love Opus and would like to hear from you to help guide your treatment.
    Gil Oakes

  4. My daughter (23) got torticollis on May 22nd. We’ve seen all the ‘experts’ who simply gave her drugs and shots of botox to no avail. After a great deal of frustration, I got her to a chiropractor who has done wonders and while she is not better yet, is on her way to recovery. He has her on a decompression traction machine 3x week and is using an electric impulse (I can get you more info if you want) that has helped bring her pain from 9-10 to 3-4 and decreased her need for the drugs. The traction is working and this week he was able to pop the C-7 and C-5 which gave her a great deal of relief. If you want more info, write to me I’ll be glad to share what we’ve done. Do NOT give up hope and Do NOT take what the medical community says as gospel that botox is the only way. I refused to accept that and she is getting better. I’ve read that accupunture (the NIH supports it) is very good for torticollis, but she has a deep seated fear of needles so that is out for her. Good luck!

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