Did Dr. Phil Sell Out With Psychic Show?

Skeptical Monkey wonders if Dr. Phil let the psychics and psychic-believers on a recent episode — including famous medium James Van Praagh — off too easy:

“Anyone who has ever watched the Dr. Phil show knows that he is not one to mince words; when he thinks one of his guests is full of it, he promptly tells them so. He appeared to be dancing around the issue with Van Praagh, however. When one woman claimed that she is constantly haunted by a violent spirit named “Jerry,” Dr. Phil only half-heartedly suggested the real problem may be a mental disorder, and allowed Van Praagh’s reading with the guest to dominate the segment.”

I’ve watched the episode in question, and I feel that Dr. Phil looked clearly uncomfortable, but unwilling to take a stand.

What do you think: Did Dr. Phil sell out just for ratings?


2 responses to “Did Dr. Phil Sell Out With Psychic Show?

  1. For thousands of years people across the world have claimed to feel spiritual connections with loved ones who’ve died. You can say that theres an explanation for these feelings – maybe they’re generated by loneliness or a search for comfort, maybe they’re complete manifestations or delusions – but no one can actually prove this.

  2. Yes he definately sold out. But from what I have heard of this Van praagh character is that he protects himself pretty well, and would not have appeared on show in the first place unless he had gaurantee in black and white what angle dr phil would take. See Penn and Teller’s Bullsh*t episode on psychics where they expose this disgusting fraud.

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