Mother-Of-Pearl XBox 360

Talk about an upgrade: apparently Bill Gates had a 100 of these luxury Xbox 360s made for gift-giving purposes. Among the recipients: the president of South Korea.

(via Born Rich)


One response to “Mother-Of-Pearl XBox 360

  1. Cool, millions of people homeless or dead in Burma and China and Mr. Philanthropist jumps in his private jet and delivers an Xbox inlaid with mother-of-pearl to the President of South Korea. Of course, it isn’t the world’s tackiest sales pitch; it’s a symbol of pitch. That’s right, Bill Gates magically transformed a gadget widely associated witih violence – even death – into a peace symbol.

    I hope Gates gives a similar gift to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, because I’d love to see what Gates looks like with an Xbox shoved up his ass. Frankly, I think Billy needs therapy.

    David Blomstrom

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