Barbie Vs. Bratz Lawsuit

The makers of Barbie have accused the makers of Bratz of stealing their idea for a pouty urban fashion doll — and now the case is in court.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“In a lawsuit set for trial on Tuesday in Riverside, Calif., Mattel accuses MGA Entertainment Inc., the maker of Bratz, of essentially stealing the idea for the pouty-lipped dolls with the big heads. Mattel is trying to seize ownership of the Bratz line, which analysts estimate racks up annual sales of more than $500 million. MGA denies wrongdoing, and accuses Mattel in a separate suit of copying Bratz.”

If that wasn’t enough intrigue in doll-land, the former Mattel designer who took the Bratz idea to MGA has just made a settlement with his former employer. That only adds ammunition to Mattel’s case against the Bratz producers.

At stake: millions and millions of dollars. And you thought Barbie dolls were just kids’ stuff.

Who’s YOUR favorite — Barbie or Bratz?


9 responses to “Barbie Vs. Bratz Lawsuit

  1. well i think if 1 of you take 1 another off the shelf think of the heartbroken children and the girls that are in to bratz are not goning to go to barbies i have a neice who likes both because i gave her all my dolls and if you cancel either one you all will lose sales!!!

  2. Barbie is beautiful and bratz is hot and sexy 🙂

  3. U 2 R RIGHT. dis really dont make no sense. if bratz get kicked off da shelf den F*** D*** Barbie. oh and on barbiegirls why is everything u hav 2 b a V.I.P. or hav a stupid barbiegirl. but on be-bratz all u hav 2 do is get a UBS key and it unlocks everything.

  4. Barbie’s were always fun to play with because they had easy to put on clothes and great houses! Bratz look a little slutty, but they’re removable feet are pretty awesome. Overall, I’d choose both… I would always make Barbie the smart teacher and Bratz the carefree teens!

  5. barbie is beautiful doll..
    and bratz is a exotic doll

  6. i tottallt agree with merisa why dont you just solve this problem and go on with life bratz and barbies are all the same what different does i t make people will still love you the way you are try and think about it
    you guyz still rock and you are still pretty an beautifull uuu and dont forget also friendly love from hope

  7. i am angry at what you have done to barbie i liked it when it was like pop starry you know like it was in the eighty’s, like barbie and the rockers i had a video and i watched it like a guzilian times it may seem weird hearing it from me A TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRL! my mum only got rid of it when she found it because me and my THIRTEEN YEAR OLD SISTER! hid it and we had that tape for seven year and i LOVE that barbie so please PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!! bring barbie back

    your sincerly
    Ashleigh Thorne

    P.S new barbie is such a show off

  8. bratz are so show off’s and they are a bad exzample to kids . let me explain bratz are always wearing make up who wants their kids wearing make up everydayand expencive clothes im not being mean but who wants their childrend spending all their money on clothes to look like a tart.

    from ashleigh thorne

    P.S Tart makers

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