Mysterious Fake Mustaches Drawn On Bush Cheney Portraits

Unhappy State Department Employees are apparently drawing fake mustaches and the like on large color photos of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condoleezza Rice, the Nukes and Spooks blog reports:

“Outside the State Department ‘s press briefing room on the department’s 2nd floor hang large official photos of Bush, Rice and Vice President Dick Cheney. The pictures were, er … modified by persons unknown. (We did not personally witness this, we must admit — or we’d have a photo to post). We’re talking fake mustaches and the like. The defacements were promptly cleaned up. They reappeared.

An edict came down from on high: stop this childishness.”

This reminds me of the last days of going-out-of-business companies, when resentful employees finally blow off some steam and steal the post-its and engrave bitter platitudes on the office furniture with straightened-out paper-clips.


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