Cruel Google Adsense Ads Target Aging Users

Since I was reading these Google ads on a site called Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like A Horse (Dot Com), I thought they were part of the “joke.” But they weren’t. They are actual Google ads for actual businesses — all targeting/putting down people middle-aged and older.

“Old Hag Varicose Veins Treatment” is the title of one, for the Vein Treatment Center of New York.

“Over 40 And Your Career Is Shot?: Educational Opportunities For Washed-Up Actresses” directs the user to NY Careers.

and “City Botox Injections For Aging Hipsters” is for some place called Smooth Synergy.

I think the way these ads are phrased are a little on the harsh side. Perhaps they were composed exactly for that purpose — to be edgy and thus noticed in the jungle of Internet advertising. And the super-cruel way Parker is referred to on the site itself must have tripped up those keywords.

But do these ads actually lead to conversions?


One response to “Cruel Google Adsense Ads Target Aging Users

  1. If they don’t make money for the businesses then they will fade away.

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