“Pet Plant” Shows You Your Plant’s Emotions

The new gadget “Pet Plant” by Junyi Heo allows you to see your plant’s “emotions” — whether it needs water, is too hot, and other conditions that might lead to a cranky houseplant.

The secret to Pet Plant is in its pot. “Digital Pot” is fitted with sensors that process a series of data about the soil and its surrounding environment, and translates the information into pictograms on a digital display.

If your plant is thirsty, the pictogram on the screen will scowl at you. And you deserve it, too!

And if you overwater “Fluffy,” not to worry — the pot will automatically drain the excess.

Couldn’t find any ordering information, but a cool gadget like this will probably be hitting the shelves soon.


4 responses to ““Pet Plant” Shows You Your Plant’s Emotions

  1. The plant! It demands water!

  2. According to Heo, “I don’t know which company will make this program. But, if this digital pot been the commercial product, the company should make the program for customer.” That’s from here. So there you, um, I guess, have it.

  3. My plant would just give me the finger.

  4. I saw the Yanko Designs site too — but I can’t find a link to purchase the item!

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