Attacks On Emo Kids On The Rise Globally

Times Online reports on the disturbing increase of attacks on teenagers extolling the “emo” lifestyle, a lifestyle the article describes as a “gloomy, gothic teenage rock cult, which began 20 years ago in America.”

Among recent attacks in South America:

  • Mexico, March 7th: a mob of 800 roam the streets of one town, looking for emo kids to beat up.
  • Chile: There are reports of skin heads targeting emo children.
  • Brazil: Emo kids are regularly attacked.
  • Peru: A gang of “anarchist punks” attacked emos

Meanwhile in Great Britain, emo is under attack in the media, after 13-year-old emo teen Hannah Bond hung herself in her bedroom. And 20-year-old Sophie Lancaster was stomped to death for wearing emo clothes by a bunch of drunk teens.

Of course, there have always been fads and fashions among young people that have given parents and other authority figures pause, and have caused some level of persecution for being different. But this trend of targeting emos is still rather disturbing.


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