“Bed Snake Bat” Protects Against Unwanted Pregnancy

I’m not making this up.

There is actually a product you can buy called the Bed Snake Bat.

From the product page:

“Relentless research by a team of dedicated scientists have discovered that pregancy is caused by a small venomous snake, [Snakus Williuserectus] or Bed Snake.

The Bed Snake is found throughout the world and it’s favoured habitat is the bedroom. For much of the time it remains dormant, but don’t let this wrinkled reptile deceive you! On being approached it will be roused into action, and its fearsome venom has few known antidotes.

Now, utilizing cutting edge technology, we have created the remarkable contraceptive device, the Bed Snake Bat.”

And it’s only $6.10 American.

(via Nerd Approved)


2 responses to ““Bed Snake Bat” Protects Against Unwanted Pregnancy

  1. This is awesome! I’d hate to see what they might cook up for guys to protect themselves from… Wait, I don’t wanna think about that.

    Love the new site, by the way. I’m curious why you haven’t had many (any?) comments. O.S. gets so many. Odd.


  2. This one is just too damn funny. I definitely think this would deter even the most… um, determined… bed snake. I know mine would! Of course, maybe I’m just giving its level of intelligence too much credit here. They aren’t really known for that kind of higher-level brain function, after all.

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