Robert Downey Jr Quit Drugs Because Of Hamburger

What was “Iron Man” star Robert Downey Jr.’s secret to finally kicking his drug habit?

A really skanky burger.

He tells OK! Magazine that one day his car pulled up to the Burger King drive-through with “tons of f****ing dope,” and he received the grossest hamburger of his life. Then he thew away the dope in the ocean.

We asked this man for a comment:

He said, “F**k Robert Downey Jr.!”


2 responses to “Robert Downey Jr Quit Drugs Because Of Hamburger

  1. Hilarious. I’m sure BK is loving that since they they had such big product placement in Iron Man (as the one delicacy TS couldn’t wait to buy after his imprisonment).

    Love the new blog Val

  2. The thing I took from that burger scene in Iron Man is this: When Stark comes out of the car with the burgers Stane asks for one and Stark says he only has one left. As he’s walking to the press conference he’s shown finishing off a burger. Then, at the beginning of the press conference he pulls out another burger. At that point I understood why Stane hated him. He’s a burger-hoarding jerk.

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