BBC To Offer All Shows For Free Online

In a bold move, the BBC announced plans to archive their entire library of TV shows online, Techradar UK reports — and apparently for free.

Greg Dyke, then-director of the BBC, was quoted in 2003 as saying about the plan:

“For the first time there is an easy and affordable way of making this treasure trove of BBC content available to all. I believe that we are about to move into a second phase of the digital revolution, a phase which will be more about public than private value; about free, not pay services…”

The first phase of the venture will be creating an informational page for each television series, such as Doctor Who and Fawlty Towers. Phase two will involve uploading the shows onto streaming video on the site — which has apparently already begun.

The question remains, however — will citizens in Britain still have to pay their BBC TV license?


6 responses to “BBC To Offer All Shows For Free Online

  1. Well, sure. These days you don’t pay TV license but MEDIA license. So you don’t have to own a TV to have to pay for what the BBC is doing.
    (…And that sucks for people who doesn’t own a TV and didn’t have to pay before. Having a newer mobile phone can be enough to have to pay – because it’s POSSIBLE to see their programs).
    It’s not “free” for us. But it is for you.

  2. I’m assuming that the BBC iPlayer isn’t available outside the UK, the cost for the BBC would be far too much – especially when they’re already paying 3x their budget for online aspects of the company.

    Anyway, yea, the TV license extends currently to computers that receive tv signals, It’s only a step away from covering laptops that receive internet tv.

  3. I think, Ben, that BBC will at some point partner with someone in the US to allow for streaming here – for example, the folks at would be happy to expand their library with all that material. With the commercials on that site or one like it, the BBC would probably get a nice chunk of change out of the deal, too.

  4. The iPlayer’s great: using a site like Dailymotion though, surely it would cost the BBC nothing? It offers free hosting, HD quality and unlimited file size – and if it’s overseas, it doesn’t matter about the BBC endorsing a service.

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