Video: Jack Sparrow Speed Painting

I find this fascinating — especially how he draws the actual bone structure/skull first. Do artists usually do this?

4 responses to “Video: Jack Sparrow Speed Painting

  1. I think the only time I’ve seen an artist start with the skull (especially in that detail) and work outwards is when they are demonstrating human anatomy to studying artists. I think it was done here as an effect, starting with the skull and building out to a pirate. And with Sparrow you have a pirate that deals with the undead and other supernatural stuff so it fits well.

    It was very interesting to watch though.

  2. Ooh, somewhere my fine art degree will come in handy. The answer is…..sometimes.

    More often than not, it can help throwing in some bone structure when doing a figure, but usually it’s only general and more about mapping out key points on the page with regards keeping everything in proportion etc.

    If it’s a portrait, in my experience I’d say it’s a bit more random. Most people I know don’t bother, and of course the medium is important too – if its an oil painting, there’s almost no point throwing in the fancy bonework underneath because so much is liable to change when you start pushing the paint round the canvas more often than not the finished article will look entirely different to what you imagined.

  3. I think that in this case the artist chose to draw the skull and bone structure because Jack Sparrow’s character was a skeleton for a time. It is two paintings in one! 🙂

  4. Y’know, some do , some don’t. I tend to agree with Megan, but even a bit further…
    I think the artist is having a giggle at the process.
    Well, and us watching.
    Hey, entertainment value is good here.
    Really enjoyed seeing it. Thanx!

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