Bumper Stickers & Road Rage Link

Displaying bumper stickers on your car makes you more likely to engage in road rage, according to researchers. Even if you sincerely want to save those whales.

Psychologists in Colorado analyzed hundreds of drivers and quizzed them about their cars and driving habits. Those drivers with more personal effects in their cars — such as bumper stickers – were 16% more likely to be road ragers, Nature News reports.

Why such a link? I’m no armchair analyst (actually, I am), but I would assume that the more personally invested you are in your car — the more you identify with the vehicle — the more likely you are to get pissed at crappy fellow drivers, gridlock, etc.

Am I close? Or is this study full of crapola?

One response to “Bumper Stickers & Road Rage Link

  1. I would have thought it the other way around … I figured the non-sticker crowd would rage against the sticker folks b/c they didn’t like what they read. And most cars with stickers on them scream (at least to me) “I don’t care about my car or anyone else so I’m gonna vandalize my own car and make myself look silly”. Though I could be wrong …

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