Gotham City Pizzeria

An apparent fixture in the crime-ridden city for decades, Gotham City Pizzeria now has its own website.

From the site:

“I know this is controversial, but sometimes you have to take a stand. One day, when we were first expanding to lots of neighborhoods in Gotham, I picked up the day’s receipts from our shop in East End. The street lamps were out, and the sidewalk was deserted. Two thugs approached me and demanded money. I was too slow – and one of them pulled out a shotgun. Suddenly, they were gone. I looked up, and Batman had snatched them in his arms and was giving them a little dose of Gotham City Justice. From that moment on, we put special emphasis on making the streets around our locations safe – and business skyrocketed. Batman is an inspiration to all of us who want to take control of our own lives and fight back against the criminals of Gotham City. GCP supports Batman.”

No word if the oft-rumored bat-cannoli will be on the menu.

Guilty of spitting in your ricotta:


One response to “Gotham City Pizzeria

  1. I think we’re lucky if spitting is all he’s doing.

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