The Definitive Sopranos Ending Explanation

For all of you who were left baffled, outraged, amused, or simply confused by the Sopranos series finale, a fellow WordPress blogger has broken it down for us — in what just might be the definitive explanation for the ending outside of David Chase (who’s not talking — well, at least not to us):

“This is the definitive explanation of why Tony died in Holsten’s in the final scene of The Sopranos. The following is based on a thorough analysis of the final season of the show and will clear up one of the most misunderstood endings in film or television history.”

What follows is a painstaking analysis of the last scene shot-by-shot (pun intended). Then the blogger analyzes the symbolism, bringing in references to other episodes in the series as well as 911 and the Kennedy assassination.

Will the post “The Sopranos: Definitive Explanation of THE END” put all speculation regarding this controversial episode at rest?

Read and decide.

One response to “The Definitive Sopranos Ending Explanation

  1. i found it interesting.

    i may agree that that is what happened, but i think chase’s resoning could be a bit more superficial, killing tony in such a way could give him the dramatic/artsy cred he was looking for by doing it in Tony’s POV AS WELL AS leaving it open in case he wants to revisit the world, and having a dead Tony would not make that as possible.

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