Victoria’s Secret Sued Over Defective Thong

Okay, you pegged me: I just like posting news stories about thongs.

A Los Angeles woman was allegedly almost blinded by a thong-fitting gone horribly wrong. Now the 52-year-old woman is suing Victoria’s Secret.

The woman claims that when she was trying on the thong, one of its metallic decorative pieces flew off and hit her in the eye. According to documents posted on The Smoking Gun website, the deadly underwear in question was “Sexy little thing, low-rise v-string.”

I didn’t know you could try on thongs in dressing rooms. I guess they have that little “hygiene strip” you can take off. But I don’t want to handle underwear that have components that have been up other people’s butts. Do you really need to try it on? Couldn’t you just sort of look at it and make a guesstimate?


6 responses to “Victoria’s Secret Sued Over Defective Thong

  1. beautyfashionaddict

    That’s insane! Why is she trying on underwear – I agree with you on that aspect. Also, it’s not V.S.’s fault if a 52-yr old woman can’t seem to understand what she’s doing properly! Sheesh!

  2. victorias secret will allow customer’s to “try on” underwear, but only on the pre-text that the customer leave the panties on they came to the store with. You don’t try them on “butt naked,” sorry to disappoint you in your weird fantasy./tlt

  3. Past a certain age and weight limit, thongs should be banned. Apparently, they become more dangerous the older and larger we become. Jeez! Someone might put an eye out on that thing!!!

    O.o Actually, there’s more than one way to put an eye out with that. Can you imagine looking at it? Oh no! My eye! It burns! It burns!


    People crack me up.

  4. Geez the woman should be trying on DEPENDS !!! Or does DEPENDS make a g-string ??? If they did they would be a little big in the crotch area !!!
    I try on underware at Victorias Secret all the time, But then I try them on my head. You see I am a construction worker and I use the g-strings for resperators, and I like them to fit tight !!! I am glad I learned about the little metal object and will be careful next time I try on the g-strings.

  5. I have to agree, do you really need to try on a thong? At 52 years old you should know what size underwear you wear by now and just buy your size and try them on at home!

  6. Just to correct one thing, she wasn’t trying the thong on. She was in the locker room at work, changing her clothes after her shift.

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