Choke On Those Bricks With Lego Fun Snacks

Because little kids don’t need enough inspiration for Very Bad Ideas, Kellogg’s has helpfully come out with Lego Fun Snacks: gummy candy in the shape and size of actual tiny Lego bricks.

Was this a very smart idea on the part of Kellogg’s? Aren’t children being rushed to emergency rooms for swallowing various little toy parts, and sticking more in ears and noses, enough of a staple of American culture?

Next up: Kellogg’s Grandma’s Medicine, gummy candy in the shape of various multi-colored pills that come in their own replica Duane Reade pharmacy bottle.


4 responses to “Choke On Those Bricks With Lego Fun Snacks

  1. Loved this! Nice viewpoint.
    Could be they need “candy” powder in little baggies, too.

  2. Wow this is crazy. If you teach a kid to eat the candy they will eat the real thing and kids will get hurt.

    It still is not as good as the gummy lighthouses seen here

    People need to think before they gummy.

    Jason Dragon

    You are a fool.

    Your under 3 year old should not be around legos to begin with. Even DUPLO are marked 3+ aren’t they?

    Go get a job at a cable news station obviously you’ve got the brain for it.

    Find something that can be twisted into a stupid lie and do it. No regard for convention, past experience or the rest of the world.

    Go to the candy aisle and check out all the other crap shaped like crap and stop being a frikking moron!

    You are not cool. you only aggregate stupidity.

  4. Here is an online petition the Prime Minister to Ban the sale & importation of Lego Fun Snacks….


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