Hypocritical Celebs Rather Buy A Handbag Than Feed People

Look, don’t get me wrong — I have no problem with a $200, $300 handbag. But $42,000? I don’t care how much charity work you do, there is no justification for spending that type of money on a trendy piece of leather that you might not even wear next year.

The site Bagbunch compares the money on handbags spent by these celebs — many of them proud charity sponsors — with how much it would cost to feed various peoples in need around the world.

For example, the $42,000 limited-edition patchwork monstrosity Beyonce was sporting in a paparazzi photo could have went to feed, educate, clothe, and provide healthcare to 168 Indian street children for a whole year. Plus — that’s one ugly f**king bag!


4 responses to “Hypocritical Celebs Rather Buy A Handbag Than Feed People

  1. eff the idea that anyone is obligated to help others. except the government, who should be taxing these idiots into holes. mostly though i agree with one part of you assessment: FUG.

  2. She is not obligated to do any charity work. To criticize how she chooses to spend her money (that she earned!!) and time when she is already giving kind of misses the point.

    And Mordicai…this would be the same government that’s emptied out the Social Securities coffers, built a bridge to nowhere, misplaced $24.5 billion in 2003 and given us the War on Drugs. No, thanks. I’ll take private charity any day.

    “No Gods or Kings. Only Man.”

  3. That is the most hideous handbag I have ever seen. It’s like the designer sent Igor out to dig up the putrefying remains of purses that had passed on, then stitched them all together into some affront against God and Coco Chanel. I hope she’s been forced to wear this as part of a court ordered punishment.

  4. Well, if you really want to criticize, start with the (RED) campaign. But then, part of that campaign is the ability to advertise your generosity. (I once almost did the same, thinking I’d donate to Comic Relief I to get a sweatshirt. Alas, didn’t have the money.)

    Fool, meet Money. If it were a work of art, a hand-crafted piece by a talented artist, then, yeah, go ahead. Or better yet, hire a fashion house to design your own bag. Or, for $42K, HIRE someone to carry your stuff for you.

    24 copies of the “Frankenstein purse” were made. Wait a few months, and then hit Chinatown.

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