Music Industry Now Calls Radio “Piracy”

Wow, you’d think these guys — after having a big chunk of their empire stolen by a legion of teens and slumming corporate workers snagging some tunes on their lunch break — would try to make some friends. But now representatives of the recording industry have pointed their fingers at radio as a form of piracy. Only took them how long to do it: what, over seventy-five years?



4 responses to “Music Industry Now Calls Radio “Piracy”

  1. Jesus Christ, I was just whistling a Paul McCartney tune, am I going to jail?

  2. Actually labels looked at radio as piracy from the beginning. It’s not new. That’s why mp3 proliferation was looked at as such a crime in an echo of overpriced suit cloth ripping from the wallet down. Any time control has been removed from people in charge of masses of intellectual property there is an outcry from the select group of people that live off of the creativity of other people. It’s the way of the music industry. I started a company called libertunes to try to heal this breach and create a place where the relationship between distributor and artist could be more symbiotic.

  3. Also feel free to read a book called “The Future of Music.” It talks about this in great detail.

  4. Hmmm… Clear Channel owns radio stations AND concert venues. Artists make most of their profit from concert revenue. What if CC decides not to book talent from the major labels, or to not air the concert advertisements?

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