Farming With Dynamite

It never fails; you’re hip-deep in the tomatoes, farming implement in hand, when you suddenly realize that you’ve forgot something. What did you forget? The f**king dynamite!

This helpful pamphlet, given away by the good people at Dupont in 1910, lists the virtues of farming with explosives; indeed, dynamite is referred to as “the greatest aid to profitable farming.”

Take, for example, those troublesome stumps. Dynamite: it removes the stumps. Further, if you are the impatient sort and cannot wait for your tree to become a stump, you can blow up the whole goddamn tree:

“…Red Cross Dynamite will lift it bodily from the ground, and it will usually fall with the wind. When this is done, there is no stump to remove.” (emphasis theirs)

But that is nothing compared to the efficiency of plowing with dynamite. Tilling the soil with mere horses in tow? I say neigh.

Loving this book:


One response to “Farming With Dynamite

  1. So that’s what JJ Walker retired to do…

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