Russian Scientists Kept Dog’s Severed Head Alive

No, I didn’t just read this off of CNN’s website — but only because the story broke in the 1920s!

Apparently a Russian scientist managed to keep a dog’s severed head alive for a period of time by hooking it up to a crude heart/lung machine. And he filmed it. Film at this link. I didn’t watch it. Just the still frame of this dog’s head attached to the machine has made me almost vomit the Healthy Choice soup I just had for lunch.

So YOU watch it, and tell me what you think. In one scene, supposedly the dog is fed a piece of cheese and it comes out the other end of a tube, plopping on the table.

Oh, I’m soooo sick right now.

Getting a real kick out of this post:


2 responses to “Russian Scientists Kept Dog’s Severed Head Alive

  1. Oh god, the heart! It beats while hanging in the air! This is seriously horrifying and amazing at the same freaking time. And quite gross. Oh, that beating heart will be with me all day now.

    There looks to be some kind of brain activity though. The eyes be blinking and the tongue be licking. The eyes react to bright light and his ears react to a hammer hitting the table. Seems like a lot of brain function left. Wonder if he was thinking doggie thoughts as well. Which begs the question, do you need your body to have thoughts with your brains?


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