Conspiracy Theory: Did Diet Coke Kill George Carlin?

The Disinter blog reports on a theory that too much Diet Coke interfered with the late comic George Carlin’s heart condition/medication, leading to his death. Specifically, the alleged culprit is the aspartame in the Diet Coke:

“If Carlin’s death was related to aspartame then Carlin killed himself, not the other way around, by choosing to ingest the poison.”

This is based on a report by a Dr. Betty Martini which claims that the comedian was “addicted” to Diet Coke.

Aspartame has been blamed for a bunch of negative health conditions, including heart problems, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. As you can imagine, these claims are controversial.

So the question remains: did Diet Coke “kill” George Carlin?

First, we would have to have proof that Carlin indeed had a Diet Coke “addiction.”

Second, we’d have to see if there was any other substances that Carlin had ingested that might also have played a role.

Then, we’d have to look at the coroner’s report as well as the evidence supporting aspartame as a “poison.”

Me personally, I don’t like aspartame, don’t like artificial sweeteners. They make me nervous & headachey. So I’m definitely not pro-aspartame.

That said, we’d need a bit more proof to back up this particular conspiracy theory.


4 responses to “Conspiracy Theory: Did Diet Coke Kill George Carlin?

  1. I think it’s pretty disgusting when conspiracy theorists prey on people’s emotions after a death or other tragic event, for the sole purpose of promoting their agendas.

    I asked the same question: How do we know George Carlin was addicted to Diet Coke? When I see evidence to support that, I’ll move on to the next question.

    But like you pointed out, it’s going to take a lot more than disingenuously inserting an unsubstantiated claim of addiction between lines upon lines of information on aspartame, to convince me that it caused George Carlin’s death.

  2. Thus the word “if”.

  3. I loved that dude, but he had like 4-5 heart attacks before he hit his _forties_. It was just a matter of time before the big one got him, diet coke or no diet coke.

  4. How do we feel about Pepsi Max?
    Frankly, if I could replace my blood with it, I would.

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