Bottomless Bellybutton “Graphic Novel Of The Year”

If you are in the market for a graphic novel — and may or may not dig capes and tights — you should check out Dash Shaw’s gargantuan “Bottomless Bellybutton” by Fantagraphics Press. New York Magazine named the book, about a family reunion and parents divorcing after 40 years of marriage, “graphic novel of the year”:

“…720 pages of knotty family drama, emotional teen angst, lyrical passages about nature, good jokes, bad parenting, architectural schematics, rudimentary codes, and explicit sex…”

The book is heavy — literally — but a page-turner. Best of all, unless she or he is offended by gentle frog-faced young men who masturbate in knitting, this is the perfect “starter” graphic novel to give your significant other.

Fantagraphics Press official site


One response to “Bottomless Bellybutton “Graphic Novel Of The Year”

  1. I concur.

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