YouTube Ordered To Give User Logs To Viacom

As part of Viacom’s massive lawsuit alleging copyright fringement, YouTube will have to produce the user logs — including IP addresses and videos viewed — of all the users of the site.

Daily Tech elaborates:

The court order to turn over site logs came as part of a sweeping request by Viacom, where it attempted to acquire source code for the site’s search engine and copyright video filter – which YouTube wrote as the result of previous litigation with copyright holders – as well as copies of YouTube parent Google’s advertisement database schema, and copies of all videos on the site marked “private.””

In response, millions of loyal YouTube users came to a disheartening conclusion — that now a multi-billion dollar corporation would know how many dog-balancing-biscuit-on-nose videos and soft-core porn clips they have been watching.


One response to “YouTube Ordered To Give User Logs To Viacom

  1. Great! Maybe they’ll prevent me from being rickrolled so often. Heh. 🙂

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