Weird U.S. Presidential Trivia

Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, was at the scene of or nearby three presidential assassinations — his father’s, William McKinley’s, and James Garfield’s. He was also once saved from possible injury or death by Edwin T. Booth, the brother of his father’s assassin John Wikes Booth.

Only five United States presidents had facial hair when they took office, the latest one being Benjamin Harrison in 1889.

George Washington might have had a set of false teeth — but he made sure each of his six horses had their teeth brushed every day!

Harry Truman popularized the saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.”

Lyndon B. Johnson was married to his wife with a $2.50 wedding ring he bought at Sears.

Ronald Reagan was the only president to wear a Nazi uniform (for a movie!)

George Washington owned 300 slaves when he died.

Jimmy Carter was the sixth cousin of Richard Nixon.

George W. Bush was the only U.S. president selected by the Supreme Court.

John F. Kennedy’s right leg was 3/4th of an inch longer than his left, so he had to wear corrective shoes.


2 responses to “Weird U.S. Presidential Trivia

  1. Minor thing but Robert Todd Lincoln was not actually at the scene when his father was shot. He stayed behind at the White House.

  2. Selected by the Supreme Court…? Way to be sore losers…8 years. No wonder I changed my registration.

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