10 Tips To Being A Mosquito Magnet

Here are some guaranteed tips to help you become a Mosquito Magnet.

1. Wear dark clothing. Mosquitos prefer colors such as blacks and dark blues to lighter hues.

2. Be pregnant. Pregnant women exhale a higher level of carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes.

3. Work out. Physical exertion not only leads to higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in one’s sweat, it produces lactic acid, which also is mosquito-friendly.

4. Live near a coastal area (or any water source). It’s common knowledge that mosquitoes love H2O.

5. Wear dirty socks (and other articles of clothing). Scientists have found that the bugs are attracted to the scent of old musty socks — probably because of the bacteria.

6. Have pets or livestock nearby. Sometimes mosquitoes like to cross-pollinate disease between the two.

7. Wear floral fragrances — including using scented shampoo and wearing clothes washed in scented detergent.

8. Have bare arms and legs. Mosquitoes like the limbs because they’re cooler.

9. Wear thinner, skin tight clothing. That’ll just make it easier for them to siphon off your blood right through the fabric.

10. Have a higher cholesterol level. The link isn’t conclusive, but it seems as if the insects are attracted to the extra cholesterol on the skin surface.


4 responses to “10 Tips To Being A Mosquito Magnet

  1. is that….mansquito?

  2. I meet 6 out of 10 tips. Wonderful.

  3. Not sure about #10 … my cholesterol is super low (77-total) and they LOVE me. 😦

  4. You got me there Cool with the musty socks bit. And I thought I knew it all.

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