Sex In Space

Sex in space: The final frontier. takes a look at the subject of sexual intercourse in space — how likely it is to happen among crew members isolated in the atmosphere for months at a time, how they would do it, and the inadvisability of getting pregnant in zero gravity.

Firstly: can we reasonably expect a crew to not have sex with each other after being stuck on a three-year mission to one of Jupiter’s moons? Should those crews all be of the same gender? And if they are all of the same gender — can we reasonably expect them not to have sex with each other after being stuck on a three-year mission to one of Jupiter’s moons?

Secondly: the standard missionary position would not seem to be ideal for the zero gravity shag. A whole new kama sutra might have to be invented for intergalactic sex. Complete with “torso straps” to keep those bodies together. (However, those adventurous “sex swing” types who like being suspended from trapezes and chandeliers might benefit).

And finally: pregnancy is a no-no in zero grav. Unless you can get the fetuses to wear little moon boots. So will women have to be temporarily sterilized before being cleared for space travel? Or will our astronauts work on simply an honor system? And can they? See, we are back to the first point.


6 responses to “Sex In Space

  1. There was this movie, Sunshine, about a crew in space heading towards the sun to restart it by sending a nuke into the core. It’s stars that creepy guy who played Scarecrow in Batman Begins.

    He has a love interest but they never have sex. Sort of weird because you almost expected at least some kissing from the way they set those two up. I listened to the director’s commentary and he said that every scientist they talked to said that sex in space would be way too messy and problematic. So they dropped it from the movie.

    I imagine that there would be so many steps involved and so many contraptions that by the time you got everything set up, the passion of the moment would have passed. Well, unless you have a bondage thing going. Then by all means, sex away.

  2. Now…never thought about the subject til now, i agree that it would be complicated, but im sure that some sort of room with gravity inside the spaceships can be arranged, problem will be who gets to use the room at which time…so a solution also brings new problems….oh well c´est la vie.

  3. It is always amazing how these kind of movies manage to have their public very interested…

  4. i never thought about that, sex in space? come on, give me a break! when the scientist or astronaut decide to joint a journey to space, they should have been understood that having sex in space is could be imposible. so they must wait untill back to the earth, then they can having sex. okay?
    -sex under water is more possible! wanna try?

  5. Very easy to solve this problem. Let all the astronauts be women. They can do as they please with no risk of pregnancy. Intriguing question but easy to solve.

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if a whole new bondage cult sprung from space sex. Yiffing would give away to space suit snugglefests and food play probably becomes synonymous with vacuuming.

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