The Last Of The Portuguese Penis Ceramists

Husband and wife team Francisco and Casilda Figueiredo are keeping the home (and kiln) fires burning on the fading Portuguese art of crafting ornamental ceramic penises. Their handicrafts range from two-foot penis-shaped bottles to mugs and soccer figurines, and they sell the items as souvenirs and to local stores. Back in the day, however, they exported worldwide and sold upwards of 1,000 ceramic penises a month.

The craft of making ceramic penises in Portugal allegedly originated in the mid-1800s, when King Dom Luis suggested that the local artisans create something a bit more unusual and provocative to sell. But nowadays, with a far more liberal and jaded public, ceramic penis bottles and mugs are becoming far less shocking — and thus less popular.

Despite the reduced demand, the Figueiredos still toil in their little village workshop, offering ceramic penis bottles for 15 euros a piece.

(via Javno)


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