“Monster Parents” In Japan Terrorize Schools

There were 26 Snow Whites in the school play — and no dwarves or wicked witches. That’s because the parents at the school insisted that only their precious darlings were good enough to play Snow White.

The moms and dads achieved this feat — which resulted in 26 Snow Whites — by harassing and pressuring the school until it relented. This is part of a new social phenomenon in Japan called “Monster Parents.”

This new crop of monster parents terrorize schools by committing such acts as ganging up to get certain “problem” teachers fired, planting sound recording devices in the classrooms to get “evidence,” and insisting that the structure of the school’s sports events be changed to make things more “equal.”

In extreme cases, the parents resort to “teacher hunting” — actually approaching the teacher in question as an angry mob and harassing until him or her offers to resign on the spot

These aggressive parents are a far cry from what was considered their place in an earlier time in Japan, a time where “decorum” ruled and schools respected. The reason for the change? It’s been theorized that social breakdowns as the result of the economic downturns of the 1990s might be a factor.

Now Japanese teachers and school officials live in fear of the Monster Parents.

(Times Online)


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