Barbie Doll Parts Jewelry

Looking like a cross between pop art and a doll-parts massacre, these unique earrings and pendants from Margaux Lange certainly will make a statement. They’re carefully cobbled together from actual Barbie dolls and sterling silver and are available for sale on Etsy.

The Brooklyn resident writes in her profile:

“Barbie™ was immensely important in fueling my creative life as a child, and ironically continues to be such for me as an adult. My “Plastic Body Series” jewelry stems from a desire to re-purpose common materials in combination with metals. I am inspired, terrified and fascinated, first and foremost by humans. I’m drawn to patterns and repetition in all forms.”


3 responses to “Barbie Doll Parts Jewelry

  1. Cool and creepy, yet really interesting for it’s serious art-like appearance. When I saw the teaser on the WordPress site, I was expecting arms and legs and something really looking like something out of a horror movie. Using the eyes and face is somehow less chain-saw-massacre and more a celebration of the beauty of women.

  2. Etsey is so friggin’ awesome. 100% of the gifts I give I get from there.

  3. They are fantastic! I’m doing a master’s in the human body and these are great!

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