Swimsuits For The Pure: “Wholesome Wear”

Those one-pieces showing too much skin? Want to go swimming but want to stay modest?

Now there’s Wholesome Wear — dresslike “swimsuits” for those who (I suppose) do not like to show skin at the beach for religious or other reasons. Their tagline is “Swimwear that highlights the face, not the body.”

The unique swimwear feature two pieces — a form-fitting inner layer and a dress-like outer layer — both ending at about the knee. On one item, there is the option to buy an even more modest suit that terminates at mid-arm and mid-knee.

Wholesome Wear seem to be made for teenage girls as well as women. I’m curious as to what modest swimwear their brothers and fathers and husbands wear — if they too have to wear two layers of longish clothing while at the beach or swimming in the water.


13 responses to “Swimsuits For The Pure: “Wholesome Wear”

  1. Ah hahaha. Man. Adorable. People are so freaking hilarious.

  2. Those are freaking HOT! Quite literally. Those poor girls will be swimming in their own sweat before they even touch the water!

  3. Boys and men can wear whatever they want because the male body is not filthy and shameful like that of the female, what with the dirty pillows and the ovaries and whatnot. It’s in the Bible, I’m sure.

  4. I do think these swimsuits look weird, but I’d be happy if girls would just dress modestly in their normal activities. I can avoid the beach, but for crying out loud, I’m getting sick of seeing body parts on girls that are not meant to be seen by anyone other than their husband (or future husband) when I simply go grocery shopping.

    – The Pilgrim

  5. hankeramstore

    Give me one! I like the idea but I never go swimming so I guess I would wear it for lounging.

  6. When I’ve seen Amish swimming, they’re dressed rather modest as well. And think of what Orthodox Jewish men wear, too. They’re rather covered up, too, as are many Muslim men. I know you might want to use that site as a way to mock other people’s beliefs, but it’s not as one sided as people think. Nor is it all about shame.

  7. Thanks for showing these to me! I went out and bought a pair for all my girlfriends! =)

  8. Sheeesh…how much did they have to pay those models to look like they are ENJOYING wearing all that cotton?!?!?

  9. fathers and husbands wear — if they too have to wear two layers of longish clothing while at the beach or swimming in the water.


  10. I’m all for being modest and not showing too much skin on the beach, especially if you are shy – but those things are hideous! With a capital H. They could try something a little more flattering as well as covering all!

  11. sleightofhand

    These seem to be missing the real point of swim suits – clothing you can wear while in the water. With these you’d end up getting weighted down as soon as you got wet.

    I’m trying to think of some joke about “XTREME Baptismals!” but it’s just not coming.

  12. Thats really silly and maybe kinda sad.
    Still I don’t think they look 1/2 bad myself.

    You could go shopping in that before hitting the beach and not feel funny in a store with the casher looking at your boobs.

  13. Looking at those swimsuits I can’t help but think they would be dangerous.

    When I was in secondary school I did a basic life saving course and one of the things we had to do was swim to the bottom of a pool and bring up a brick. Swimming with those on was hard.

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