Poop Bathroom Door Handle

Ever worry that guests won’t know what room the bathroom is in your palatial abode? French designer Florence Doleac has solved that problem by creating a bronze-colored bathroom door handle that will be unmistakable.

Presenting: the Poop Handle!

No, that’s not its official name. Actually, it’s called an “étron” (feces specimen) door handle. Classy. Your guests will never mistakingly open the broom closet again.

(Inventor Spot)


2 responses to “Poop Bathroom Door Handle

  1. hankeramstore

    Ok, so that is just hideous but for some reason I like it. I love things that make people go hmmm. Although my poop doesn’t resemble the color or shape!

  2. I thought it was some venomous snake at first…

    but seriously, bleah.

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