The Complete Real Ghostbusters On DVD

Remember The Real Ghostbusters cartoon?

(It was called the “real” Ghostbusters because there was another cartoon with the same name not based on the hit 1980s movie.)

According to Topless Robot, the entire series is being released on DVD by Time Life for $180 dollars — or sort of like a little more than one dollar for every episode. Now, that’s an awful lot of Real Ghostbusters — but not, I suppose, if you’re a real fan of the show.

Trivia time: the late voice actor Lorenzo Music provided the voice for Peter Venkman — a role originally played in the movie by Bill Murray. And it sounded a bit like Murray, too. Music also did the voice for Garfield in the cartoon. But when Garfield became a CGI movie, who did the voice for the big fat cat? Bill Murray.

Ready to spend your $180 now?


2 responses to “The Complete Real Ghostbusters On DVD

  1. I remember the other, live action Ghostbusters on Saturday morning.

    Will the comics be reissued?

    And Lorenzo Music was also one of the crash test dummies (the commercial version, not the cartoon). Unfortunately, he never appeared on the Simpsons.

  2. Does this include the Slimer! spinoff?

    Boy, Slimer and that cat sure got into a lot of mischief!

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