The Most Dramatic Guinea Pig Post Ever!

Seriously. Follow this link and follow the photo slideshow to the end.






I know it’s a cultural thing, and god knows I’ve eaten my portion of meat in my time. But — did they have to dress them up in overalls first? That’s all I’m asking.


4 responses to “The Most Dramatic Guinea Pig Post Ever!

  1. Aww geez. Why’d you have to use the picture with the guinea pig wearing a little crown as the link to that story? And of course I had to see it to the end out of curiosity.

    I don’t want to cast aspersions on other cultures or anything, but there’s something a little messed up about dressing up and playing with your food. Except when Homer Simpson did it, but even then that was accidental.

    All the best.
    G Morrow

  2. I think I’m gonna be sick. 😦

  3. To quote E.B. White… “That’s some pig!”

    Ah… the Amelia Bedelia method!

    And… at least they are pampered before they were … enjoyed. Not caged in an overcrowded building, bereft of sun, fattened up on biograin, pumped full of antibiotics…

    And … the next time you visit a county or state fair, ask yourself… what becomes of the livestock after they win the blue ribbon?

    Oh, and if you want a good, dark chuckle, go read Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”.

  4. Read that 20 years ago.

    And yeah…..we’re not any better. 😦

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