Bigfoot Body Found In Georgia?

I’m taking this news with a rather sizable grain of salt, but a Rick Dyer claims to have “accidentally” found the body of a dead Bigfoot deep in the Georgia woods. Now Dyer, from the website, has acquired legal counsel to copyright his photographs and plans to reveal his discovery to the world on September 1st.

Here are the Bigfoot corpse’s vital statistics: 8’8″ tall, 600 lbs, and gender undisclosed. It is currently residing in a rather large freezer. As for its looks, according to one person Dyer said in a radio interview that “if you shaved his face and put a hat on “him”…he would appear to be a very large human.”

This story has also brought to my attention the rather passionate rivalries and disagreements within the cryptozoologist community, with Dyer accusing some researchers of conducting a smear campaign against him and his find.

What if the hairy body in the icebox really is the legendary Bigfoot? Will the annals of science be rewritten? Will the FBI get involved? With Bigfoots being humanoid, did Dyer have a responsibility to notify the coroner first upon discovery of the body? And what if it’s really just a taller than normal human with a glandular condition?

Getting a big kick out of this post:

Decidedly skeptical:

(Phantoms and Monsters)


7 responses to “Bigfoot Body Found In Georgia?

  1. Wow! What are the odds that the guy that runs would accidently stumble upon the body of bigfoot??

    (I’m thinking at least 3-to-1.) 🙂

  2. First the Manbearpig thing in China, then Bigfoot’s body and now the freaky turtle thing in Montauk (

    End of days possibly?

  3. “Wow! What are the odds that the guy that runs would accidently stumble upon the body of bigfoot??”

    It’s shocking, really.

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  6. First the raccoon without hair washing up in longisland, newyork(it doesnt have a beak thats its teeth) and now they found bigfoot.

  7. If you want to see what it would be like if there were as many bigfoot around as there were deer then go to

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