Michael Moore Parody “An American Carol”

David Zucker, best known for the movies Airplane and Top Secret, has a new wacky comedy coming out in October: “An American Carol.” Just in time for the last month of Election Madness, this politically-topical film features a parody of filmmaker Michael Moore — named Michael Malone — who has to be taught the real meaning of patriotism by the ghosts of America’s most famous personages.

But is this film going to be a little extreme? Here is a description of one scene in the film:

In a climactic scene, Moore’s stand-in (here named “Michael Malone”) finds political clarity at the smoking ruins of the World Trade Center while the admonishing ghost of George Washington (played by Jon Voight) hovers nearby.”

Is this being played for laughs? Is it just a pointed partisan attack on Moore in the guise of a wacky comedy movie? Will the 911 scene be considered in bad taste?

We’ll see.

Postscript: Playing the fake Michael Moore in the film is Kevin Farley — brother of the late Chris Farley.

(via Chud)


5 responses to “Michael Moore Parody “An American Carol”

  1. ibrahim binshahbal

    nice article.

  2. Meh, Oliver Stone gets to push his idiotic partisan hack crap “W”.

    I have no intention of seeing either.

  3. Zuckerisaretard

    Wait? Michael Moore, as odious as he might seem to conservatives, is not anti-American because he thinks all Americans deserve healthcare.

    Get real David Zucker. Nobody is going to watch this crappy movie.

  4. To Zuckerisa-retard: You are wrong, moonbat breath.

  5. Sounds like it’ll be a funny movie.
    BTW: All americans deserve healthcare? Well, I thought every American had access to healthcare. Or do you mean every American should get “free” healthcare? In that case either get the doctor’s and the hospitals to work pro bono, or ask Michael Moore to subsidize your hospital bills – I don’t think I want to pay for yours or anyone elses health care. I am content with paying for my health care and that of my OWN family’s.

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