Video: TV News Reports On Emo Culture

Saw this all in news reports on Goth culture in the 90s. I’m sure they had ones for Punks, Hippies, and Beatniks too. Reactionary warning about a “teen phenomenon.” Checklist of what to look for to make sure your kids aren’t emo. Ultra-square news anchors with helmet-hair & crisp suits making disapproving faces. And panicked parents interrogating their children afterwards: “are you emo?! don’t you know that emo can kill?!”


2 responses to “Video: TV News Reports On Emo Culture

  1. wtf? 10 years ago when I was in high school emo was just a derivative of punk that was more emotional and had more complex instrumentation, post punk became emo.

    this whole cutting and shit is bs, that’s not EMO, it’s just goth kids who listen to Death Cab instead of Bauhaus.

    but i love how the news examines something that was popular 10 years ago, it took that long for it to be “mainstream”

    but today’s “emo” bands aren’t even really emo anymore. they are just pop rock bands with whining.

    i mean bright eyes and the like have evolved into more indie rock kind of stuff, so really the whole “emo” thing isn’t even that prevalent in today’s music industry anymore. all the real emo bands have either broken up and started new things or evolved into a different sound altogether.

    its the general progression of independent music.

    you start with punk, then go to emo and/or hardcore, then you go to more spacey/noisey stuff, maybe mix in some electronica like the postal service or album leaf, then you get more into the indie/collegie stuff like the shins or modest mouse, then you find newer bands, maybe some new york stuff like the strokes or clap your hands say yeah!, then maybe some hipper stuff like kate nash or MIA, and your musical taste kind of amalgamates.

    that’s how ive always noticed the independent music fan’s progression to be. this shit is NOT what the whole genre was meant to be.

  2. I installed new sod at my house. It’s a hybrid called emogoth grass, and it cuts itself.

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