RIP Playgirl Magazine

I was not a huge reader of Playgirl Magazine, the companion periodical to Playboy that catered to (in theory) the needs of the fairer sex to look at porn.

One issue — I just bought one issue, when I was sixteen, it felt like the thing to do. Kept it under my bed, natch. Didn’t do a lot for me, but it felt “wrong” and  dangerous, so it satisfied my need for “rebellion.”

The print edition of Playgirl is finally shutting its doors
— and will exist online-only. Its Jan/Feb 2009 issue — out in November — will be its last in paper.

Is print pornography “dead”?

Is it easier to clean out the history on your browser than hide a stack of nudie magazines in your closet?

How about the convenient “hands-free slideshow” feature of many porn sites?

And finally — video.

And can the relatively tame material from a Playgirl or Playboy compete with the extremity out there in teh porn Internets?

Anyway, so long Playgirl nudie magazine for women (and certain men). You brought me a memory there in my teenage years, and convinced me that I had an inalienable right to possess pornography on par with any man.  Best of luck to you.


4 responses to “RIP Playgirl Magazine

  1. Well, their last issue will at last(least?) be a collector’s item. As for porn in print I believe it is a dying brand.

  2. Playgirl was bad porn. Also it can be hard for a guy to walk into a store and pick up a porn mag. I can just imagine all the girls out there who already think that if they like sex they are sluts trying to pick up a mag only to get hit on by the checkout guy.

  3. But you only bought it for the articles.

  4. Truth be told the articles part of the mag is better then the porn part of the mag.
    I mostly just picked it up from time to time because Hugh Hefner is my hero.

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