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JetBlue Offering Joy Of Check-In With No Flight

Do you crave the experience of checking in at your airport — running the security gauntlet, having your luggage evaluated, waiting in long lines? But that whole “traveling” thing is sort of a downer?

Well, you’re in luck: JetBlue is offering “Flights To Nowhere” to test out their new terminal at JFK airport.

The airline is seeking 1,000 of its frequent fliers to test the new system. They would check their luggage, go through security, and then wait at the gate for an imaginary flight.

The rewards: food, freebies, and other perks to-be-determined.

The “Flight To Nowhere” is scheduled for September.


The Real Reason Starbucks Is Failing

Seriously, I was just from a Jamba Juice in midtown Manhattan, and I’m telling you — this is the new overpriced “hip drink.”

And yes, I bought one, in a size that equaled three of my bladders.

Tweaked-out caffeine culture is out — tweaked-out juice culture is in.

Night Hunger: Grindhouse Viral Video

Guess the corporate sponsor behind this authentic-looking grindhouse-styled movie trailer.

Devo Sues McDonalds Over Happy Meal Hat

Devo is suing McDonalds over a Happy Meal toy that they claim infringes on their trademark hat.

At issue? One “New Wave Nigel,” a toy offered in the fast food chain’s American Idol promotion. New Wave Nigel sports a hat that Devo said infringes on their “Energy Dome” hat.

Devo bass player Gerard Casale was quoted as saying,

“This New Wave Nigel doll that they’ve created is just a complete Devo rip-off and the red hat is exactly the red hat that I designed, and it’s copyrighted and trademarked. They didn’t ask us anything. Plus, we don’t like McDonald’s, and we don’t like American Idol, so we’re doubly offended.”

Viral Link Top Ten

10. Retro Gaming On Real Backgrounds

A series of awesome pictures matching classic video game graphics to real backgrounds.

9. The Evil PedEgg

The Smoking Gun reports on the hot water the makers of the foot care product PedEgg is in. You know, the one in those cheap infomercials with all the dead skin shavings that look like cocaine?

8. The Lyrics To Daft Punk’s “Around The World”

I think Bob Dylan wrote this.

7. The Worst Website Of All Time

Do not click if prone to seizures, nauseate easily, or are afraid of WTF sites that look like virus factories.

6. Guitar Hero Action Figures By McFarlane Toys

All your favorite characters from the popular game will be represented, along with little models of their fake-ass guitars.

5. “This Is Not A Pipe” Super Mario Print From Threadless

Magritte weeps, then says f**k it and moves on.

4. “Fat Guy Stuck In Internet”


3.“Finding Nemo” Leads To Endangerment Of Clownfish Population

So a film about rotten little kids who imprison clownfish creates legion of rotten little kids imprisoning clownfish. Nelson says: “Ha-Ha!”

2. Dragon’s Lair Turns 25 Years Old

Which means that I’m 100.

1. No Ice On North Pole This Summer

We’re screwed. Enjoy your weekend!

Save Your Soda For Later With The Soda Seal

tabs: they’re for punks and lameasses

The Soda Seal. It’s such a f**king simple concept you’d wonder why it’s taken this long to happen.

Imagine being able to close your soda can and save its contents for later. I’m not sure why you would want to keep that 1/3 of Mountain Dew, if you think there might be occasion at the dinner table later that evening to whip the can out and do the dew, but you never know.

So Johan DeBroyer and Robert Davis are looking for investors, in case anybody is interested.

Music Industry Now Calls Radio “Piracy”

Wow, you’d think these guys — after having a big chunk of their empire stolen by a legion of teens and slumming corporate workers snagging some tunes on their lunch break — would try to make some friends. But now representatives of the recording industry have pointed their fingers at radio as a form of piracy. Only took them how long to do it: what, over seventy-five years?