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Brooklyn Splendor: “Street Code” Webcomic

“Street Code” follows the exploits of a former Alphabet City resident who relocates to Brooklyn — and in the process falls down the proverbial rabbit’s hole.

Artist and writer Dean Haspiel brings the same sort of raw-but-funny slice of life vibe to “Street Code” that he contributed to Harvey Pekar’s “American Splendor.” The semi-autobiographical piece is will be hosted and serialized exclusively on the Zuda webcomic site starting on Friday July 18, but a six-page preview is now up on Pop Candy.


Top Ten Weird Hulk Toys

The Incredible Hulk is a favorite character of mine, and with his steroidal physique and green skin he’s perfectly made for toys and action figures. Here are ten of the weirdest Hulk toys and licensed products.

10. Hulk Toy Chest

I love how this is essentially a round plastic container with a Hulk head sticking out of it. It’s a little too scary for the playroom, in my opinion.

9. The Hulk Rage Cage

A great name for a toy, great example for a hyper 8-year-old with impulse control issues. Comes with expandable chest and breakable cage.

8. Hulk Jointed Wall Hanger

The basic idea is that you would hang this on your wall and pose the green behemoth’s jointed paper limbs. Yes, that’s about it. Ta-da!

7. Giant Hulk Stuffed Doll

This toy is on the “weird” list mainly because of his precious puss — more of a pout than a roar.

6. Weird Mexican Bootleg Hulk

This unlicensed Hulk has disco hair.

5. Weird Mexican Bootleg Parachuting Hulk

If the Hulk is truly irrational, how will he remember to pull the chute string?

4. Hulk Cupcake Favors

Nothing says “cake decoration” like an angry Hulk head sticking out of frosting.

3. Santa Hulk

Ironically, his heart was two sizes too small.

2. Hulk Vu Writer

What the Hulk does for entertainment between destruction.

1. Hulk Shower Head

Wrong. Completely wrong.

The Worst Comic Strip Ever Made

Cartoon Brew offers the following as one of the worst comic strips ever made: “Uncle Funny Bunny And Chumpy.”

Featuring the adventures of a young chimp sharing a house with who we can only assume is his uncle, the strip has the comedy cadence of a dull thud — making you feel at the end that perhaps, much like the movie “Hancoc,” there were heavy edits and that the original work was really a piece of genius.

Is “Uncle Funny Bunny And Chumpy” indeed the worst comic strip ever made? Judge for yourself!

(via Journalista)

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Bottomless Bellybutton “Graphic Novel Of The Year”

If you are in the market for a graphic novel — and may or may not dig capes and tights — you should check out Dash Shaw’s gargantuan “Bottomless Bellybutton” by Fantagraphics Press. New York Magazine named the book, about a family reunion and parents divorcing after 40 years of marriage, “graphic novel of the year”:

“…720 pages of knotty family drama, emotional teen angst, lyrical passages about nature, good jokes, bad parenting, architectural schematics, rudimentary codes, and explicit sex…”

The book is heavy — literally — but a page-turner. Best of all, unless she or he is offended by gentle frog-faced young men who masturbate in knitting, this is the perfect “starter” graphic novel to give your significant other.

Fantagraphics Press official site

Gotham City Pizzeria

An apparent fixture in the crime-ridden city for decades, Gotham City Pizzeria now has its own website.

From the site:

“I know this is controversial, but sometimes you have to take a stand. One day, when we were first expanding to lots of neighborhoods in Gotham, I picked up the day’s receipts from our shop in East End. The street lamps were out, and the sidewalk was deserted. Two thugs approached me and demanded money. I was too slow – and one of them pulled out a shotgun. Suddenly, they were gone. I looked up, and Batman had snatched them in his arms and was giving them a little dose of Gotham City Justice. From that moment on, we put special emphasis on making the streets around our locations safe – and business skyrocketed. Batman is an inspiration to all of us who want to take control of our own lives and fight back against the criminals of Gotham City. GCP supports Batman.”

No word if the oft-rumored bat-cannoli will be on the menu.

Guilty of spitting in your ricotta:

Smurf Movie To Be Made; Gargamel Dream Casting

Sony Animation & Columbia pictures are collaborating on a big-screen adaptation of The Smurfs, Variety reports. Continuing a trend that includes Scooby-Doo, Garfield, and Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Smurf movie will be a mix of live-action and CGI.

Join me as we concentrate on the really important things, such as casting for Gargamel:

…not sure how the last one got in there. Did a search for “middle aged Alec Baldwin” and somehow took a steep left turn. Yummy.

Cubeecraft: Toys You Can Make On A Budget

Is the recession getting you down? Not enough money to buy all your cool toys?

Why not build them? Actually, just print, cut and glue them.

With Cubeecraft, you can print out fully-colored patterns of your favorite characters — like Indiana Jones, Super Mario, the 1960s Batman, Dr. Zoidberg, and Hellboy — and fold them to make neat cubist toys to display on your work desk.

Screw petroleum-based toys! The future is in paper.

(via Kung Fu Rodeo)