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Twenty Pictures Of 80s Style Big Hair

Hmmm…I’m always suspicious of these articles that “announce” some sort of trend is currently in — or back in style. But, this article claims that “big hair” — the 80’s style manes made popular by the chicks on Dynasty and the dudes in Motley Crue — are back.

Just in case you would like to jump on the fashion bandwagon, here are 20 pictures of 80s ( and 90s!) big hair.


The Steampunk Jewelry Of Edm Designs

These pendants, rings, earrings, and more from edm designs are a feast for the eyes and are a must-have for an “authentic” steampunk look. The jewelry are hand-crafted amalgams of old watch parts and antique baubles, and are available from the edm designs store on Etsy.

(via Brass Goggles)

Supermodel Falls To Her Death From Manhattan Building

In what is being called “an apparent suicide,” fashion model Ruslana Korshunova fell to her death from a building in Manhattan’s Financial District on Saturday. Korshunova appeared in the European Vogue magazine as well as ads for Marc Jacobs, DKNY, and Vera Wang.

She was 20 years old.

Viral Link Top Ten

10. Retro Gaming On Real Backgrounds

A series of awesome pictures matching classic video game graphics to real backgrounds.

9. The Evil PedEgg

The Smoking Gun reports on the hot water the makers of the foot care product PedEgg is in. You know, the one in those cheap infomercials with all the dead skin shavings that look like cocaine?

8. The Lyrics To Daft Punk’s “Around The World”

I think Bob Dylan wrote this.

7. The Worst Website Of All Time

Do not click if prone to seizures, nauseate easily, or are afraid of WTF sites that look like virus factories.

6. Guitar Hero Action Figures By McFarlane Toys

All your favorite characters from the popular game will be represented, along with little models of their fake-ass guitars.

5. “This Is Not A Pipe” Super Mario Print From Threadless

Magritte weeps, then says f**k it and moves on.

4. “Fat Guy Stuck In Internet”


3.“Finding Nemo” Leads To Endangerment Of Clownfish Population

So a film about rotten little kids who imprison clownfish creates legion of rotten little kids imprisoning clownfish. Nelson says: “Ha-Ha!”

2. Dragon’s Lair Turns 25 Years Old

Which means that I’m 100.

1. No Ice On North Pole This Summer

We’re screwed. Enjoy your weekend!

Spanx Power Panties

Spanx produces a line of products for women designed to “shape” their bodies: basically, by holding in, obscuring, covering, restraining, pulling, and generally keeping out of sight fat, cellulite, jigglies, etc.

For example, there are “Power Panties,” billed on the site as “the world’s first performance underwear.” The Power Panty starts at around one’s navel and goes down to halfway down one’s thigh. They look like sheer bicycle shorts.

I don’t know, I think the sight of a woman wearing one of those things is roughly equal to, in attractiveness terms, those beige nylon socks that are not long enough to be stockings. You know what I’m talking about, those socks women wear with business shoes, that get all nice and sweaty and leave pale ridged rings of moisture around their shins.

Certainly, the Power Panty might yield a momentary boost in attractiveness as worn under other garments. But to actually spot a lady sporting it would be a fundamental destruction of an illusion that might be too much to take. Well-worn Playtex and some jigglies might be sexier.

At least the Victorians had the right idea:

Cruel Shoes Have Two Heels Each!

These cruel shoes by Alexander McQueen features TWO pairs of heels!

I have trouble with just one pair of them. But these high-shoes must be great for walking though puddles, dominatrix work, etc.

(Via Trendhunter)