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Viral Link Top Ten: The Mad Hatter Edition

10. Secret iPhone Factory Photos!

A woman finds her new iPhone has some top-secret pics on it…

9. “Why So Serious?” Dollar Bill

I’m tempted to do this to my own money, but isn’t it illegal???

8. The Six Worst Comic Book Husbands

Sure, they can fight crime…but what about their skills as a hubby?

7. Princess Chunk The Cat

We are looking for the owner of a 44-pound cat. LOL.

6. Paranoia Sweater

Come out, come out of your deceitful yarn paradise…

5. Johnny Depp To Play Mad Hatter In Tim Burton Alice Flick

I always thought Tim looked like the Mad Hatter, actually…

4. Viper-Flavored Ice-Cream

Dairy that bites…

3. The Night Owls

The best webcomic you’re not reading yet.

2. Keira Knightley Refuses Digital Boob Jobs

…and becomes icon for smaller-breasted women everywhere.

1. George W. Bush as The Joker…

…by Drew Friedman in Vanity Fair!


Watch Streaming Netflix On Your XBox 360!

Just another reason for my boyfriend to hurry up and get that Xbox 360 — as if Rock Band wasn’t enough.

Microsoft has just announced a deal that will allow Xbox 360 Live Gold users to play streaming video from their Netflix queues for no extra charge. They will also be able to share and watch the movies with the rest of their friends in their Live party.

I think this is rather big news — and a big partnership. Just another step towards what I envision to be the future, one device for all media and uses — a combo game player/computer/TV/phone/media center.


Fail Blog Gives You Your Daily Dose Of Fail

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which a Fail pic would come in handy? A forum dispute, an emailed “Dear John” letter, or just something for personal entertainment?

Well look no further: the Fail Blog will give you your daily dose of Fail.

All entries in the Fail Blog are submitted by users, and are guaranteed to be filled with 100% FAIL and no Win.

(actually, there are a few Win. but it’s frowned upon)

Sampling Digital Music Culture With Sound Unbound

The phenomena of sampled music, mashups and other audio fruits of the digital revolution are explored in Paul D. Miller’s “Sound Unbound.” Boasting a forward by Boing Boing guru Cory Doctorow and essays by talents such as Chuck D, Jonathan Lethem, Brian Eno, and Vijay Iyer, Miller — also known as DJ Spooky — has put together a book that captures the zeitgeist of the age in music.

Plus, you get an audio CD with tracks from such diverse sources as Sonic Youth, William Burroughs, and Philip Glass.

“Sound Unbound” is s must-read for digital music enthusiasts and people who just want to understand this phenomenon better.

Read the table of contents and sample chapters here, and purchase here or through the book’s website.

Link Virus Top Ten: The Zombie Twitter Edition

10.Twitter During A Zombie Apocalypse

Starting what just might be a zombie theme this Tuesday (or, even better, a drag zombie theme)

9. Hello Kitty Antivirus and Firewall

Not as cool as the Hello Kitty vibrator, maybe not even as useful — but still pretty awesome.

8. Radio Controlled Mechagodzilla 1974

I’m naming my first child this.

7. Walmart Rattlesnakes

One more reason Walmart is evil.

6. Jim Carrey Wears Jenny McCarthy’s Bathing Suit

They’re so poor they have to share swimwear.

5. The Spiritual Effect Of Shrooms


4. Gillian Anderson In Esquire

No nudity, but side-boobage.

3. Rubik’s Cubes Given To Octopuses

This is why scientists get the big money.

2. Smoke Detector Starts Fire

M. Night Shyamalan says: “What a twist!”

1. Felted Chicken

Strangely sensual and most definitely tactile.

YouTube Ordered To Give User Logs To Viacom

As part of Viacom’s massive lawsuit alleging copyright fringement, YouTube will have to produce the user logs — including IP addresses and videos viewed — of all the users of the site.

Daily Tech elaborates:

The court order to turn over site logs came as part of a sweeping request by Viacom, where it attempted to acquire source code for the site’s search engine and copyright video filter – which YouTube wrote as the result of previous litigation with copyright holders – as well as copies of YouTube parent Google’s advertisement database schema, and copies of all videos on the site marked “private.””

In response, millions of loyal YouTube users came to a disheartening conclusion — that now a multi-billion dollar corporation would know how many dog-balancing-biscuit-on-nose videos and soft-core porn clips they have been watching.

Guess How Many Internet Memes Are On This T-Shirt

This tee from Chop Shop, “The Internets,” gets props for not only depicting many Internet memes (always a favorite of mine), but including the Batman “Uleuleule”:

How many of the memes do you recognize?