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Viral Link Top Ten: The Mad Hatter Edition

10. Secret iPhone Factory Photos!

A woman finds her new iPhone has some top-secret pics on it…

9. “Why So Serious?” Dollar Bill

I’m tempted to do this to my own money, but isn’t it illegal???

8. The Six Worst Comic Book Husbands

Sure, they can fight crime…but what about their skills as a hubby?

7. Princess Chunk The Cat

We are looking for the owner of a 44-pound cat. LOL.

6. Paranoia Sweater

Come out, come out of your deceitful yarn paradise…

5. Johnny Depp To Play Mad Hatter In Tim Burton Alice Flick

I always thought Tim looked like the Mad Hatter, actually…

4. Viper-Flavored Ice-Cream

Dairy that bites…

3. The Night Owls

The best webcomic you’re not reading yet.

2. Keira Knightley Refuses Digital Boob Jobs

…and becomes icon for smaller-breasted women everywhere.

1. George W. Bush as The Joker…

…by Drew Friedman in Vanity Fair!

Shepard Fairey Does Showtime’s Dexter

Shepard Fairey is known for his OBEY street art featuring such icons as Andre the Giant and Barack Obama. Now he’s been hired by Showtime to produce art based on their cult TV series “Dexter.”

Is teaming with the cable TV network a bit “corporate” for the underground artist? Or with a thriving business selling T-shirts and prints, is Shepard Fairey really that underground anymore?  Has he been embraced, to a degree, by the mainstream?

You’ll eventually be able to purchase the “OBEY Dexter” art on Showtime’s website.

(via The Beat)

Twenty Pictures Of 80s Style Big Hair

Hmmm…I’m always suspicious of these articles that “announce” some sort of trend is currently in — or back in style. But, this article claims that “big hair” — the 80’s style manes made popular by the chicks on Dynasty and the dudes in Motley Crue — are back.

Just in case you would like to jump on the fashion bandwagon, here are 20 pictures of 80s ( and 90s!) big hair.

Link Virus Top Ten: The Zombie Twitter Edition

10.Twitter During A Zombie Apocalypse

Starting what just might be a zombie theme this Tuesday (or, even better, a drag zombie theme)

9. Hello Kitty Antivirus and Firewall

Not as cool as the Hello Kitty vibrator, maybe not even as useful — but still pretty awesome.

8. Radio Controlled Mechagodzilla 1974

I’m naming my first child this.

7. Walmart Rattlesnakes

One more reason Walmart is evil.

6. Jim Carrey Wears Jenny McCarthy’s Bathing Suit

They’re so poor they have to share swimwear.

5. The Spiritual Effect Of Shrooms


4. Gillian Anderson In Esquire

No nudity, but side-boobage.

3. Rubik’s Cubes Given To Octopuses

This is why scientists get the big money.

2. Smoke Detector Starts Fire

M. Night Shyamalan says: “What a twist!”

1. Felted Chicken

Strangely sensual and most definitely tactile.

Tuesday’s A Drag

Five Cool Captain America Video Clips

Captain America F**K Yeah

Captain America 1960s Cartoon Theme Song

Daniel Johnston, “The Monster Inside Of Me”

Captain America 1978 trailer

Captain America Redub W/Sean Hannity

Shannen Doherty To Return TO 90210?

Shannen Doherty is allegedly in talks to reprise her role as Brenda in a CW remake of the hit show Beverly Hills 90210, teevieo reports.

If this information is correct, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling are also set to return, and Luke Perry said no. Jason Priestly would return for directing only.

I like Shannen Doherty and all, but — she sort of has this pattern of leaving/getting removed from TV shows. Hell, even her Scare Tactics role has been taken over by Tracy Morgan.

Still, we get to find out what Brenda did after leaving for Paris. And that’s what’s really important.

Family Ties Intro With Who’s The Boss Theme

It’s scary how these blend together.

Top Ten TV Sitcom Sex Maniacs

The lovable nymphomaniac who never catches any major sexually-transmitted diseases is a staple of the television sitcom. Here are ten.

10. Gomez and Morticia Addams, “The Addams Family”

This amorous duo apparently haven’t let domestic life put a damper on their sex life, as they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Bonus: kinky hardware in the family room!

9. Kelly Bundy, “Married With Children”

Ah, what’s more a topic for hilarious situation comedy than a teenage girl indiscriminatingly sleeping around with boys that are no good for her? Though she did have a steady beau, of sorts (played by David Boreanaz).

8. Dan Fielding, “Night Court”

Dan was a sex-obsessed prosecutor who made the life of fellow attorney Christine Sullivan miserable (was there no sexual harassment rules in Judge Harry’s court?).

7. Chef, “South Park”

Chef was a trusted father-figure to the boys at South Park, as well as having one of the best Salty Balls recipes in town and sleeping with Cartman’s mom (who deserves her own place on our list).

6. Charlie Harper, “Two and A Half Men”

Will that scamp Charlie ever settle down? Will he ever realize just what a great woman he has in Rose? Will he ever get tested for STDs? Or was that an episode already?

5. Blanche Devereaux, “Golden Girls”

Saucy Blanche considered her advancing age a mere hiccup in her plan to bed half the eligible men in Miami.

4. Larry Dallas, “Three’s Company”

Larry was a used car salesman who used the same pitches to sell old Dodges that he utilized to pick up chicks. Somehow always managed to find nymphomaniac ex-gymnast Swedish twins who were stewardesses to sleep with.

3. Barney Stinson, “How I Met Your Mother”

Originator of the Hot/Crazy graph for assessing chicks, which won him special mention at the last Nobel Awards ceremony.

2. Glenn Quagmire, “Family Guy”


1. The Fonz, “Happy Days”

Our winner for biggest TV Sitcom Sex Maniac would have to be Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, whose sexual escapades were legendary — though mostly implied. As a child, I just thought he had a lot of friends who were girls and whose phone numbers he kept on the restroom wall.

Sesame Street Breastfeeding Video

In this Sesame Street clip from 1977, singer Buffy Sainte-Marie explains breastfeeding to Big Bird.

I have to wonder if, in this age of more “edgy” children’s programming, would a similar show have the guts to be so straightforward. It doesn’t seem so controversial to me; little kids must watch their moms breastfeed all the time, and having a children’s show explain it makes sense. Just not on Spongebob Squarepants.