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Watch Streaming Netflix On Your XBox 360!

Just another reason for my boyfriend to hurry up and get that Xbox 360 — as if Rock Band wasn’t enough.

Microsoft has just announced a deal that will allow Xbox 360 Live Gold users to play streaming video from their Netflix queues for no extra charge. They will also be able to share and watch the movies with the rest of their friends in their Live party.

I think this is rather big news — and a big partnership. Just another step towards what I envision to be the future, one device for all media and uses — a combo game player/computer/TV/phone/media center.



Tom Hanks Super Mario Brothers Game

I comb far and wide to find the most bizarre videos for you…

Viral Link Top Ten

10. Retro Gaming On Real Backgrounds

A series of awesome pictures matching classic video game graphics to real backgrounds.

9. The Evil PedEgg

The Smoking Gun reports on the hot water the makers of the foot care product PedEgg is in. You know, the one in those cheap infomercials with all the dead skin shavings that look like cocaine?

8. The Lyrics To Daft Punk’s “Around The World”

I think Bob Dylan wrote this.

7. The Worst Website Of All Time

Do not click if prone to seizures, nauseate easily, or are afraid of WTF sites that look like virus factories.

6. Guitar Hero Action Figures By McFarlane Toys

All your favorite characters from the popular game will be represented, along with little models of their fake-ass guitars.

5. “This Is Not A Pipe” Super Mario Print From Threadless

Magritte weeps, then says f**k it and moves on.

4. “Fat Guy Stuck In Internet”


3.“Finding Nemo” Leads To Endangerment Of Clownfish Population

So a film about rotten little kids who imprison clownfish creates legion of rotten little kids imprisoning clownfish. Nelson says: “Ha-Ha!”

2. Dragon’s Lair Turns 25 Years Old

Which means that I’m 100.

1. No Ice On North Pole This Summer

We’re screwed. Enjoy your weekend!

Video: Simpsons Map For Quake III Arena

Not a big Quake III fan, but just the first-person sensation of rifling (literally) through a 3-dimensional mock-up of the Simpsons house gave me chills.

Anti-Smoking Nintendo DS Game Helps Users Kick The Habit

In what is becoming a trend in “self-help” video game (see Wii Fit), the Nintendo DS handheld will come out with Allan Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking.

The game will coach “players” to stop smoking and to keep track of their progress. Easyway To Stop Smoking is based on a successful book that has been read by over 10 million people.

The game is set to be released this September.

Not happy about this new game:

(via The Escapist)

Rock Band Stage Kit and Smoke Machine

You will soon be able to add that crucial touch of realism to your Rock Band sessions with the Rock Band Stage Kit, due out in August. Sing that Coheed and Cambria song — you know the one — with strobe lights and “smoke” bouncing off your bad self.

The Rock Band Stage Kit will set you back $99.

(via Engadget)

Xbox Live Says No To Gay Gamertags

Is Xbox live cracking down on specifically “gay” gamertags?

When the user ‘theGAYERgamer’ had his name banned, he cried foul and wondered if it had to do with the sexual orientation implied in the gamertag.

A spokesperson for Xbox insisted, however, that at issue was the sexual nature of the name, not homosexuality itself:

“We view these situations objectively during our review under the terms of use. To answer the question another way, yes ‘TheStraighterGamer or ‘TheHeterosexualgamer’ would have gotten the same treatment and would have been found to be in violation and forced to be changed. We’ve actually done that to tags like that before.”

(via Computer and Video Games)