Dark Knight Sparks Men’s Pantyhose Fad?

Okay, first I talked about the Short Suit. Then the Mankini.

I’m not trying to turn this into a men’s fashion blog but they just keep throwing this stuff my way.

This article says that the Batman movie “The Dark Knight” has sparked a fad in men wearing pantyhose:

Retailers in Europe and the United States say that men are buying pantyhose — sheer, satin, glossy, opaque or support — in skyrocketing numbers in recent months.”

If this is truly a fad, I really doubt it was inspired by a superhero movie. Maybe some dudes just want to look “polished,” are going for the sleek hairless look.

The article also points out that pantyhose was actually a staple of men’s fashion in humanity’s past — but that women stole the idea for themselves.



Penguins Dying In Record Numbers

Areas like Rio De Janeiro in Brazil are having record numbers of dead or ill penguins washing up on their shore — so much so, makeshift triage centers have had to be constructed for the critters.

Reasons for the decline in polar flightless waterfowl: overfishing by humans and global warming.


Shia Not New Indy, George Lucas Insists

In an apparent turnaround from his previous insinuation that Shia LaBeouf’s character Mutt from Indy IV might take over the franchise, George Lucas now insists that is not the way it’s going to go down.

“No no no no, dear heavens no, no no no no no no,” Lucas was reported to have said.

He also reportedly said,

“No no no no no no no no golly no.”

Meanwhile, LaBeouf continues to recover from a car accident that left his fingers crushed and his arm temporarily out-of-commission:

We’re pulling for you, Shia.

RIP Playgirl Magazine

I was not a huge reader of Playgirl Magazine, the companion periodical to Playboy that catered to (in theory) the needs of the fairer sex to look at porn.

One issue — I just bought one issue, when I was sixteen, it felt like the thing to do. Kept it under my bed, natch. Didn’t do a lot for me, but it felt “wrong” and  dangerous, so it satisfied my need for “rebellion.”

The print edition of Playgirl is finally shutting its doors
— and will exist online-only. Its Jan/Feb 2009 issue — out in November — will be its last in paper.

Is print pornography “dead”?

Is it easier to clean out the history on your browser than hide a stack of nudie magazines in your closet?

How about the convenient “hands-free slideshow” feature of many porn sites?

And finally — video.

And can the relatively tame material from a Playgirl or Playboy compete with the extremity out there in teh porn Internets?

Anyway, so long Playgirl nudie magazine for women (and certain men). You brought me a memory there in my teenage years, and convinced me that I had an inalienable right to possess pornography on par with any man.  Best of luck to you.

The Real Reason Starbucks Is Failing

Seriously, I was just from a Jamba Juice in midtown Manhattan, and I’m telling you — this is the new overpriced “hip drink.”

And yes, I bought one, in a size that equaled three of my bladders.

Tweaked-out caffeine culture is out — tweaked-out juice culture is in.

The Mankini Borat-styled Male Bathing Suit

I thought this was a made-up style of swimwear for the movie Borat?

I’m…I’m not sure what I think of that. Does it stay up okay when you bend over? (looks at it carefully) I guess it does…sort of make sense.

Maybe it’s just the color.

Loving the reaction shot from the people behind him.

(via Telegraph)

Shorts Suits For Men: Do Not Want

Do Not Want

Do Not Want

Do Not Want

Look, if you want to wear shorts, go wear shorts. You have a liberal boss, she or he is like “you can totally wear shorts,” then wear shorts. Wear them with your Tevas or Crocs. I don’t care.

But suit jackets don’t belong with shorts, except when you’re taking your First Communion when you are eight years old.

Especially the guy at the left; even he looks embarassed. Whereas the guy in the middle is like, “Hey, whatevs, they’re paying me for this shoot!”

(via New York Times)