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China Loves And Hates Kung-Fu Panda

“Kung-Fu Panda” is the highest grossing movie in China right now — but it’s also pissing a lot of people off.

At issue is the fact that their national animal is being depicted as…well, as Jack Black. A bit of a lout, a bit of a slacker. Not respectful enough.

Other sticking points are things like racy content, lack of reverence for elders, and “too much imagination.”

It’s gotten so controversial that one prominent Chinese artist, Zhao Bandi, is actually suing Dreamworks for misrepresentation of his beloved national symbol.

From Variety:

“Zhao, who likes to carry a stuffed panda around with him and whose art is all based on pandas, says the fact that Po’s father in the film is a duck is an insult to all Chinese and also the panda’s eyes are green, which is an evil color.”

‘Memba this cartoon?


The Complete Real Ghostbusters On DVD

Remember The Real Ghostbusters cartoon?

(It was called the “real” Ghostbusters because there was another cartoon with the same name not based on the hit 1980s movie.)

According to Topless Robot, the entire series is being released on DVD by Time Life for $180 dollars — or sort of like a little more than one dollar for every episode. Now, that’s an awful lot of Real Ghostbusters — but not, I suppose, if you’re a real fan of the show.

Trivia time: the late voice actor Lorenzo Music provided the voice for Peter Venkman — a role originally played in the movie by Bill Murray. And it sounded a bit like Murray, too. Music also did the voice for Garfield in the cartoon. But when Garfield became a CGI movie, who did the voice for the big fat cat? Bill Murray.

Ready to spend your $180 now?

Lost John Lennon Interview: “I Met The Walrus”

This awesome video features an interview 14-year-old Beatle fan Jerry Levitan conducted with John Lennon. It’s animated in a trippy “Yellow Submarine” type style that makes Lennon’s words come alive.

Five Cool Captain America Video Clips

Captain America F**K Yeah

Captain America 1960s Cartoon Theme Song

Daniel Johnston, “The Monster Inside Of Me”

Captain America 1978 trailer

Captain America Redub W/Sean Hannity

Viral Link Top Ten

10. Retro Gaming On Real Backgrounds

A series of awesome pictures matching classic video game graphics to real backgrounds.

9. The Evil PedEgg

The Smoking Gun reports on the hot water the makers of the foot care product PedEgg is in. You know, the one in those cheap infomercials with all the dead skin shavings that look like cocaine?

8. The Lyrics To Daft Punk’s “Around The World”

I think Bob Dylan wrote this.

7. The Worst Website Of All Time

Do not click if prone to seizures, nauseate easily, or are afraid of WTF sites that look like virus factories.

6. Guitar Hero Action Figures By McFarlane Toys

All your favorite characters from the popular game will be represented, along with little models of their fake-ass guitars.

5. “This Is Not A Pipe” Super Mario Print From Threadless

Magritte weeps, then says f**k it and moves on.

4. “Fat Guy Stuck In Internet”


3.“Finding Nemo” Leads To Endangerment Of Clownfish Population

So a film about rotten little kids who imprison clownfish creates legion of rotten little kids imprisoning clownfish. Nelson says: “Ha-Ha!”

2. Dragon’s Lair Turns 25 Years Old

Which means that I’m 100.

1. No Ice On North Pole This Summer

We’re screwed. Enjoy your weekend!

Forbidden Flintstones

Luckily, the censors stepped in before this live episode had a chance to shock hundreds of thousands of viewers. But there was talk of the FCC cracking down.

Smurf Movie To Be Made; Gargamel Dream Casting

Sony Animation & Columbia pictures are collaborating on a big-screen adaptation of The Smurfs, Variety reports. Continuing a trend that includes Scooby-Doo, Garfield, and Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Smurf movie will be a mix of live-action and CGI.

Join me as we concentrate on the really important things, such as casting for Gargamel:

…not sure how the last one got in there. Did a search for “middle aged Alec Baldwin” and somehow took a steep left turn. Yummy.