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Montauk Monster Replica On Ebay

Can’t get enough of that weird-ass griffin/turtle/dog/raccoon/Cloverfield monster that washed up on a Long Island beach recently?

You can now buy your own movie-quality replica of the poor creature on eBay.

From the auction listing:

“Finally own this piece of history, BMFX FX Studios is proud to present this custom made prop. Made from an original sculpt casted from latex this prop looks real.”


“Not to be confused with the cheap crap from the far east with toxic lead paint.”

It can be yours for only $20.00. Great for scaring grandma in the swimming pool.

(via Animal New York)


Cosby Show Sweaters In eBay Charity Auction

A number of sweaters Bill Cosby wore on his hit “The Cosby Show” will be auctioned off on eBay for charity. Cosby’s daughter Erin unearthed the sweaters while cleaning out a closet.

The charity in question is the Hello Friend/Ennis William Cosby Foundation, which benefits educational programs and was started in the name of Cosby’s late son. It will be held from June 2-12 — just in time for Father’s Day.

“The Cosby Show” aired from 1984 to 1992, and the star’s colorfully-patterned sweaters were instantly recognizable. To me, they are as essential part pop-culture Americana as the Fonz’s leather jacket or the Cheers bar.

(via Huffington Post)

Extra: Bill Cosby sweater cookies!