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Dark Knight Sparks Men’s Pantyhose Fad?

Okay, first I talked about the Short Suit. Then the Mankini.

I’m not trying to turn this into a men’s fashion blog but they just keep throwing this stuff my way.

This article says that the Batman movie “The Dark Knight” has sparked a fad in men wearing pantyhose:

Retailers in Europe and the United States say that men are buying pantyhose — sheer, satin, glossy, opaque or support — in skyrocketing numbers in recent months.”

If this is truly a fad, I really doubt it was inspired by a superhero movie. Maybe some dudes just want to look “polished,” are going for the sleek hairless look.

The article also points out that pantyhose was actually a staple of men’s fashion in humanity’s past — but that women stole the idea for themselves.



The Mankini Borat-styled Male Bathing Suit

I thought this was a made-up style of swimwear for the movie Borat?

I’m…I’m not sure what I think of that. Does it stay up okay when you bend over? (looks at it carefully) I guess it does…sort of make sense.

Maybe it’s just the color.

Loving the reaction shot from the people behind him.

(via Telegraph)

Shorts Suits For Men: Do Not Want

Do Not Want

Do Not Want

Do Not Want

Look, if you want to wear shorts, go wear shorts. You have a liberal boss, she or he is like “you can totally wear shorts,” then wear shorts. Wear them with your Tevas or Crocs. I don’t care.

But suit jackets don’t belong with shorts, except when you’re taking your First Communion when you are eight years old.

Especially the guy at the left; even he looks embarassed. Whereas the guy in the middle is like, “Hey, whatevs, they’re paying me for this shoot!”

(via New York Times)

Barbie Doll Parts Jewelry

Looking like a cross between pop art and a doll-parts massacre, these unique earrings and pendants from Margaux Lange certainly will make a statement. They’re carefully cobbled together from actual Barbie dolls and sterling silver and are available for sale on Etsy.

The Brooklyn resident writes in her profile:

“Barbie™ was immensely important in fueling my creative life as a child, and ironically continues to be such for me as an adult. My “Plastic Body Series” jewelry stems from a desire to re-purpose common materials in combination with metals. I am inspired, terrified and fascinated, first and foremost by humans. I’m drawn to patterns and repetition in all forms.”

Swimsuits For The Pure: “Wholesome Wear”

Those one-pieces showing too much skin? Want to go swimming but want to stay modest?

Now there’s Wholesome Wear — dresslike “swimsuits” for those who (I suppose) do not like to show skin at the beach for religious or other reasons. Their tagline is “Swimwear that highlights the face, not the body.”

The unique swimwear feature two pieces — a form-fitting inner layer and a dress-like outer layer — both ending at about the knee. On one item, there is the option to buy an even more modest suit that terminates at mid-arm and mid-knee.

Wholesome Wear seem to be made for teenage girls as well as women. I’m curious as to what modest swimwear their brothers and fathers and husbands wear — if they too have to wear two layers of longish clothing while at the beach or swimming in the water.

1980s Plastic Charm Bracelets And Necklaces

In the mid-1980s the girls in my class were obsessed with plastic charm bracelets and necklaces. Retro fashion inspired by an even earlier era, these charms could be as simple as a plastic shape (animals, hearts, etc) to as complex as little books and phones with dials.

Whatever charms you chose, the idea was to buy a lot of them — and heap them on plastic chains. It went beyond mere schoolyard fashion, being more emblematic of a 1980s trademark — excess.

Do not be fooled by lesser plastic charms. The true vintage 1980 charm will have a little “anchor” fastener (to attach it on the wide loops of the plastic chains) and sometimes a little metal “jingle.”

Today the authentic plastic charms go for a bit in the collector’s market, with sometimes an entire “full” chain grabbing an upwards of $120+.

Twenty Pictures Of 80s Style Big Hair

Hmmm…I’m always suspicious of these articles that “announce” some sort of trend is currently in — or back in style. But, this article claims that “big hair” — the 80’s style manes made popular by the chicks on Dynasty and the dudes in Motley Crue — are back.

Just in case you would like to jump on the fashion bandwagon, here are 20 pictures of 80s ( and 90s!) big hair.